BOE Committees

BOE Committees

Audit Committee The Audit Committee, a committee of the Board of Education, was created in 2005. The Committee is charged with the fiscal oversight of the North Rockland Central School District. For more information click the following link. Additional information
Chairs/Supervisors: D. Gatti
Representatives: M. Senno, R. Sira, M. Romano, P. Zugibe

Calendar Committee -

Chairs/Supervisors: M. Picarello
Representatives: P. Zugibe, M. Romano

Code of Conduct -

Chairs/Supervisors: K. Felicello
Representatives: J. Kraus, R. Fernandez

District Council PTA -

Chairs/Supervisors: I. Mannine, Rotate Board Members
Representatives: Rotate Board Members

District Planning Team -

Chairs/Supervisors: I. Eckert, K. Felicello
Representatives: M. Romano, R. Masiello

Facilities Committee -

Chairs/Supervisors: Robert Masiello
Representatives: P. Rooney, M. Senno, M. Romano, J. Kraus

Health Advisory -

Chairs/Supervisors: M. Castaldo, K. Felicello
Representatives: J. Kraus, R. Masiello

Insurance -

Chairs/Supervisors: J. Kraus, H. LeFevre

Policy Committee -

Chairs/Supervisors: I. Eckert
Representatives: D. Gatti, P. Zugibe, H. LeFevre

Teachers' Center -

Chairs/Supervisors: D. Thomas
Representatives: J. Kraus, R. Fernandez

Legislative Liaison -

Representatives: P. Zugibe

RCSBA Representative -

Representatives: P. Zugibe, D. Gatti (alt.)

BOCES Board -

Representatives: P. Zugibe, D. Gatti (at Large)

Voting Delegate: NYSSBA -

Representatives: R. Fernandez, M. Romano (alt.)

Raider News -

Representatives: R. Fernandez